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During these unprecedented times our fishing sessions have been drastically reduced. With the threat of Covid-19 we have had to limit our time on the bank to keep ourselves, our families and others safe. Mental health issues are at the forefront of everyones mind and having that valuable time fishing goes a long way to support this. Unfortunately Lockdown number 3 has not allowed us to take advantage of self-isolating on the bank for an extended period. This won't be forever, there will be a time when we can once again socialise on the bank enjoying the sport we love.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my customers, old and new, for using Westcountry Leads. I have been able to use this lockdown time to research new products to enable my customers the best chance at catching fish.

Enjoy your passion for the allocated time you are allowed, but most importantly stay safe and well.


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