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Now we have hopefully put the cold snap behind us, the fish are all waking up with one thing in mind... to feed!!

The fish are more active and ready to go on the munch, this is the ideal time to stock up on your supply of fishing leads for the upcoming season. I have some new introductions so check out my products. One of these include the trilobe(or riser) these come in 3 & 3.5oz. Also we have the helicopter lead, these can be fitted with heli rings or the usual swivel, sizes include 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4oz. As for coatings, the very popular dung coating and natural stone are now available. Please feel free to contact me with any enquires. I can post in this country or even abroad. If you're local you could even pick them up.

Happy fishing...

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