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My name is Lee Whitfield. I have been coarse fishing since I could walk, spending most weekends at the local lake with my dad. My passion for carp fishing started when I was about 16. I still get that same buzz setting up and catching fish now as I did back then. Whether it be the small stocked fish or the monsters that like to evade capture, both in this country or abroad. If you're anything like me you spend your time, when you're not fishing, searching for new products to improve your approach to the game. That is one of the reasons I decided to start up my own business. I wasn't happy paying the prices for leads with branded companies. Especially as my set up involves dropping the lead on every take, as most of us do. So I believe I now have amazing products at a very competitive price. Take a look at my range of leads in various shapes, sizes and coatings and save yourself a small fortune. If there is something you want that I don't provide, get in touch and I am able to source new moulds. Tight lines...
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